About Our School

A Child-Centered, Learning-By-Doing Approach
Experienced and caring teachers will help your child develop physically, emotionally, socially, creatively, and intellectually through a balance of teacher-directed and child-selected activities. Most learning experiences are hands-on, with the emphasis on learning-by-doing, in order to help your child develop confidence, motivation, and self-discipline. Our curriculum involves daily classroom work with a wide variety of materials to encourage your child’s self-expression through art, music, literature, science and drama. Group activities, both large and small are used to help your child develop communication skills and to perceive themselves as a positive contributor to, and integral part of, the group.1208891_10151639769044220_1927450479_n In addition to age-appropriate field trips to the fire station and other community resources, we also welcome visits from community helpers, family pets, and student volunteers from Bucknell University. We have enjoyed story time with a Children’s Librarian, Japanese origami lessons, and Spanish and German storybooks and food treats. We have had a violinist play for us and a ballerina has danced for us. We have played with a litter of new kittens and listened to music played on an autoharp. All these experiences bring the wider world within your child’s reach and enrich their education immeasurably.Valentine Slime with Bucknell